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Apple authorized reseller and tech store featuring cell phone accessory needs,  music enjoyment, gaming, and more, located near Gates A5 and B17.

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Our menu is getting a whole lot more Chicago.

Check out our latests addition, Harry Caray’s Shortstop in Concourse A.

We welcome back this iconic Chicago restaurant to Midway serving a wide range of appetizers, entrees, desserts, and breakfast. At the end of 2020 we will have added 37 more iconic Chicago restaurants to the MDW menu.

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Airport Restaurant Week

Friday, January 24th – February 7th, 2020

Airport Restaurant Week takes place at Midway International Airport in conjunction with the downtown Chicago Restaurant Week. Stay tuned for the tasting schedule to be announced on our Facebook page (@midwaypartnership). Be sure to try a signature dish and drink pairing from one of our restaurant locations to receive a complimentary Airport Restaurant Week reusable bag!


Exceptional Dining Experience

Enjoy handcrafted cocktails, small plates and entrée, and old-world decor at Chicago’s foodie favorite, Hubbard Inn.

Good Reads at Midway

Dig your nose into a best-seller or take home a curious read at our ink by Hudson stores, near Gates A10 and B17.

Famous Thin Crust Chicago Pizza

Before takeoff, enjoy Chicago’s famous family-owned thin crust pizza restaurant, Home Run Inn.

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Discover new places to eat, shop, and relax right near your gate.

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The Future of MDW Concessions

Your layover is getting a makeover.

We’re doubling our concessions footprint with 70 brand-new eating & shopping options.

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Eat where the locals go.

Flying is better with a bestseller.

Squeeze in some “me” time before you go.